Why buy Australian made furniture?

Australia makes some of the best furniture in the world.

It wasn’t always this way. In the early 1990s, almost all the furniture sold in Australia was made within Australia. Some of the large producers got lazy, preferring to make furniture out of the cheapest materials available.

When the economy globalised, it became cheaper for offshore companies to ship furniture to Australia, but only if they were maximizing profits by—you guessed it—using the cheapest materials possible.

Many of the largest Australian companies found themselves unable to compete. Materials are cheaper, and economies of scale are greater when your reach is global. Retailers wanted to lower their costs and didn’t care if the furniture came from Melbourne or China. As a result, many of those large Australian manufacturers have left the business.

But some have survived.

Faced with stiffened competition, a few adapted to survive in the new environment. These companies decided that making the most money possible wasn’t as important as making the best furniture possible. They couldn’t survive by being cheaper, so they had to survive by being better.

And that is why Boss Sofas are among the best sofas on the market today.

We don’t use the cheapest materials. We use the best materials. The wood we use comes from the forests of Queensland. The foam, fibre, and fabrics we use come from the finest manufacturers of such in Australia’s biggest cities.

Furniture made from the best materials lasts longer than furniture made from the cheapest materials. If you want furniture that is going to last—furniture that is going to grow with your family—you want to buy Australian.

When you’re shopping for furniture, go ahead and ask what kind—and how long—a warranty is offered on what you’re buying. We provide lifetime warranties on frames and foam. You won’t find that elsewhere.

Anyone can deliver a sofa in a few days—if they have it in stock. But if your furniture is a custom order—and don’t you want it to be perfect—other retailers will offer to deliver it in two or three months. That’s when you know it’s made overseas.

Better furniture. Customised to your specifications and delivered to your door faster. That’s the Boss Sofas difference.

If you want a look inside our process and to see exactly what goes inside our sofas, we invite you to take a look at Inside Our Sofas page.

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