What's Inside Our Sofas?

Australian made and Australian owned

One of the most important aspects when buying a new sofa is knowing how it was made and where it came from. When buying retail you just never know unless you have the courage to ask. The majority of sofas we see sold in stores are imported from other countries and upon closer inspection, these sofas are made up of cheap and poorly sourced frames. This decrease the lifespan of a sofa and its ability to withstand daily use. The structural integrity of a sofa forms the foundation and building blocks to a high quality long lasting sofa. At Boss Sofas, we handcraft all of our furniture right here locally in Melbourne and we use only the very best Australian suppliers for our materials. We're 100% Australian made and Australian owned. That is our guarantee.


What makes a structure last? It's foundation. Having a strong base is the most vital aspect to the integrity of a sofa. If it has cheap frames, it will have a higher chance of falling apart or collapsing.

We provide you lifetime guarantee on frames.

Yes that's right, buy a sofa from Boss Sofas and we will give you lifetime warranty on frames. Our frames have stood the test of time and are made of only pinewood. These raw materials are sourced from the forests of Australia which are then treated and delivered to us from our suppliers City Timber Pty Ltd and P & G Timber Co, these frames are made to last and to last a lifetime!

Our frames are then carefully measured and cut to size by our frame makers and bonded together to form the skeleton of your sofa.


Our next level of comfort is provided by a layer of foam which is fitted and wrapped around the entire sofa frame. This is an industry leading furnishing cushioning that combines superior long lasting comfort and unsurpassed durability. So intelligently made that we guarantee they will provide a lifetime of support, this is why all of our sofas are backed up with:

Lifetime guarantee on foam.

When it comes to the seat cushion, we know that the average body weight of a person sits 80% of their weight on the seat and 20% on the back. This is why our seat cushions are made up of only high density foams. A quick lesson in foam and you will find that the quality of foam is based on its weight in cubic meters. For example a 1m x 1m x 1m cube piece of foam weighing 30kg is currently the Australian standard in seat cushioning (though not even all manufacturers meet these standards), while here at Boss, all of our sofas feature Foamco and Dunlop's Enduro range of foam which all measure a minimum weight of 36kg per cubic metre of foam. To us, this is necessary as it provides our customers with superior levels of durability and not to mention a lifetime guarantee.

Feather-wrapped Cushions

When it comes to superior premium comfort, you can not go pass feather-wrap cushions. This is basically a foam insertion which is wrapped in feathers and fibre which spring back up immediately the moment you get up, these seat cushions provide long lasting support and comfort. These also carry a lifetime warranty and the highest level of comfort you will see on the market available today.

These are then mixed together to form your feather and fibre combination which is then inserted into a slip cover and wrapped around the seat cushion foam.

Resulting in unimaginable comfort.



The extra level of support comes from industrial grade black cat webbing which is supplied by our beloved supplier Warwick. This will support the cushioning and will not sag regardless of the extent of usage. What's more important is that our webbing is applied to our frames using a tension machine and carries a 10 year warranty. Many manufacturers (more excessively seen in overseas manufacturers) will not use black cat webbing simply because if they were to stretch the webbing onto the frames using a tension machine, the frames would shatter from the force exerted onto them. This is because cheap frames are used to cut costs. All of our sofas feature black cat webbing which is stapled securely onto our frames and sit under the seat cushion.


We have a large available selection of sofa legs available, they come in all shapes and sizes including brushed aluminium, polished aluminium, stainless steel and brushed stainless steel, polished zinc alloy and chrome plated are supplied by Warwick and all our wood based legs, raw hardwood timber and polished hardwood timber  are hand made by our Melbourne based manufacturer supplier Peter Ross Enterprises Pty Ltd.


After all of these elements are carefully bonded together by our specialised team, it is now the job of the our upholsterers to take over.

What you will also learn is that all of the sewing required for your sofa is done in-house by our experienced sewing machinists. Some of which have worked with furniture sewing for over 3 decades. This is all done via our subsidiary sewing contractor business 'Mai Sewing' who we work together with under the same roof to complete your brand new sofa.

Our sewing machinists follow strict guidelines and use industrial sized sewing machines and premium thread to attain strong bonds between fabrics. These bonds mould and hold the shape of our designs which is then upholstered onto your sofa with particular attention to detail.

We use fabrics provided by various reputable Australian companies via our custom made sofa website 'Boss Furniture'. These suppliers include Warwick, Wortley Group, Molkum, Zepel, JR Weave, Radford Furnishings. Our leather suppliers include Warwick, ItaliaCuoi, N.S.W Leather Co., Lefler Leather and Shann Group just to name a few. The majority of products listed here use Warwick for fabric and ItaliaCuoi for corrected-grain leather. All of our fabrics are available for swatch orders, whereby you receive small samples of any colour of our fabrics so you can make a better and informed decision regarding your sofa order. You can view our free swatch samples here.

If you're after a different fabric for your sofa or custom alterations in design, you're more than welcome visit our 'Boss Furniture' website and submit an enquiry via our custom made page and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

You can also visit our subsidiary business websites 'Boss Furniture', 'Boss Reupholstery' and 'Mai Sewing' for more information.