Bendigo Swatches (Warwick)

Below is a list of swatches from Warwick's fabric range Bendigo.

Please add as many as you like to your cart and submit an order. We will have Warwick personally send you these swatch samples free of charge (please allow 2-3 days for samples to arrive).

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Bendigo Snow
Bendigo Dune
Bendigo Cream
Bendigo Cashmere
Bendigo Oatmeal
Bendigo Apple
Bendigo Jade
Bendigo Envy
Bendigo Aqua
Bendigo Seafoam
Bendigo Azure
Bendigo Denim
Bendigo Indigo
Bendigo Eggplant
Bendigo Grape
Bendigo Scarlet
Bendigo Terracotta
Bendigo Pottery
Bendigo Ash
Bendigo Mink
Bendigo Mushroom
Bendigo Black
Bendigo Pewter
Bendigo Smoke
Bendigo Storm

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